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Artist Brilliantly Flips Religious Narrative With Black Women As White Men

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Art expresses a narrative and throughout history, that narrative has featured a lot of men.

White men, to be exact. One Chicago artist, Harmonia Rosales, beautifully altered this narrative.

The famous piece, The Creation of Adam is a watercolor painting by Michelangelo, but Rosales’ The Creation of God is the similar in almost every way except the figures are black woman.

When it comes to religious art and its past, God, saints, and biblical figure have been portrayed mainly as white men, which by itself if high illogical. Rosales’ says her love and creation of art gives a “bases for resistance” whether it is resistance to ignorance or social inaction.

Rosales’ faced an excessive amount of backfire, social media reactions demanding explanation for why she created the piece. At the end of the day, artist will create what they please, with a narrative or not.

Hopefully others can take a page from Harmonia Rosales’ book and approach issues of race in a unique, thought provoking way.

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