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‘American Horror Story’ Is About To Become A Huge Exhibition

Museum of natural…American Horror Story?

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This summer, The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles will hold an exhibition of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.  The ghastly display of iconic props, set pieces, and costumes from Murder House all the way to Roanoke will make visitors–who will enter free of charge– become one with Murphy’s weird and blood-curdling universe.  

Entitled American Horror Story: The Style of Scare, this 4,000 square feet exhibit will be the largest ever presented by The Paley Center for Media.  Costumes created by the award-winning designer Lou Eyrich will be worn on live display, such as Tate’s infamous black-leather-bodysuit, the religious habits of the Briarcliff nuns, and the creepy ensemble of the not-so-innocent, Twisty the clown.  Also featured will be graphic multimedia presentations installed in the glass walls of the museum.

The Paley Center’s President & CEO, Maureen J. Reidy, said “Ryan Murphy is one of the most innovative and original creators in the industry.  Every year the Paley Center presents exhibits that capture the unique combination of artistry and entertainment, and we’re thrilled to give American Horror Story fans an opportunity to get up close and enjoy the collaborations between Murphy, costume designer, Lou Eyrich, and all the fearless creatives behind the hit FX series.”

So, you’re a horror fan and on a budget?  You may now have four weeks worth of summer-plans.  The show will run from June 3rd to July 30th at The Paley Center’s locations in Los Angeles.

Produced by David Rodgers Inc., this nightmare-inducing exhibition will showcase the intricate complexity that goes into creating successful horror flicks; and the dark, supernatural network of our favorite, oh-so-addicting series, American Horror Story.

After being scared shit-less, you may just want some good pizza. 

Fan of AHS Season 2?  Check out this abandoned asylum in Wales. 

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