What You Need To Know When Battling For Child Custody During Divorce

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Losing the freedom to see and interact with your children whenever you want can be a crushing blow to any parent. Unfortunately, this is a feeling that millions of people go through every year in divorce court proceedings in the country. And if your divorce proceeding is coming up, then be sure to keep the following tips in mind when battling for child custody.  

  1. Try For An Out-Of-Court Settlement 

Divorce is a messy affair. You and your spouse will likely shout and fight with each other throughout the divorce period. This alone will stress out both the parties. Why involve kids in this mess too? If the divorce case gets into the court, your children may also be dragged into it and will have to see their parents being horrible to each other. Do your kids a favor and try to reach an out-of-court settlement with your spouse. This will spare the children from the trauma of seeing a parental fight.   

  1. Avoid Cutting Out Children From The Spouse 

Yes, you may want to get full custody of the children and you might absolutely hate your spouse. However, this does not give you the right to separate your children from their other parent.  Keep your personal feelings to yourself. Kids need to interact with both their parents to grow healthy. As such, prioritize their emotional needs over yours and let them interact with the other parent while the case is still in court.  

  1. Never Accuse Your Spouse Falsely 

Some lies may not harm you immediately, but they can come back to completely destroy you. This is somewhat true when lying in court. Never lie to the court about your spouse. Avoid making up stories and accusing the spouse of something they have not done. For example, you may think that you have a better chance of winning the divorce in your favor by falsely accusing the spouse of infidelity. However, if it is proven in court that the spouse was completely loyal during the period of the marriage and had physical relations with your alone, then the court will never trust any of your statements. And you will later have a tough time convincing the jury to award you the custody of the children.   

  1. In-Home Custody Evaluation 

If the children are under the other parent’s care during divorce and you are concerned about their well-being, consider requesting an in-home custody evaluation of the parent. Consequently, the government will send in a person to evaluate and report whether the other parent is capable of raising a child. If they sense that there is something wrong, they will state it in their report. And this can turn out to be quite handy when making your case to have full custody of the children. In the same way, make sure that your in-home custody evaluation goes on smoothly if the kids are staying with you.   

  1. Proof Of Child Abuse 

If you have proof that shows that your spouse has physically abused the children in the past, then you have literally hit the jackpot. That alone almost guarantees the custody of the child. And the proof might be hidden in plain sight. For example, if you have installed video cams in your home but rarely check it out, now is the perfect time to do so. Think of a time when you suspected that your spouse may have beaten your child and look for videos from those time period. This should give you sufficient proof to swing the case your way.  

  1. Hire The Best Lawyer 

Make sure you hire the best possible lawyer to fight your custody battle. Keep in mind that the outcome of the case can determine whether you even get to see your children or not. Wealth lost to your spouse can be earned back through hard work. But if you lose your children to your spouse and they are taken far away that you will never see them again, then that is a real loss. A good lawyer from Hogle Family Law custody cases is highly recommended.  

  1. Stay Away From Addictive Substances 

Finally, stay away from consuming any addictive substances like alcohol, drugs etc. during the custody battle. If the opponent lawyer were to discover this, they can easily use it against you, claiming that you are unfit to look after your children since you can’t even control your addiction. In fact, the opposition can even argue that you are a danger to the kids and the court can still agree to it. Why go through all such troubles? Just avoid alcohol and other substances for the time period and you will have a better chance of winning the custody of your children.  


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