VIDEO: Even Jerry Springer Could Not Have Predicted This Ending

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Who else enjoys Jerry Springer as their guilty pleasure?

I admit, I only watch the clips on YouTube, but I think I still get the gist of the whole show. Most people know when you mention the Jerry Springer Show, you are talking about trashy TV. I almost feel bad for saying that, but I think Jerry is fully aware that he is known as the king of trashy television. Now in its 26th season, the show just gets trashier and trashier. If that’s even possible.

I am really surprised he hasn’t retired from this show yet, but I guess just he just cannot get enough of the drama. I mean, clearly this is what he thrives on. But somehow, I don’t think even Jerry himself could have predicted this ending. Watch the clip below!


WOAH. Did that just really happen? Why yes it did just really happen. I still have so many unanswered questions. Did Raven and Harley’s boyfriend just want to embarrass her? How long had they been sleeping together? Are they going to end up dating and leave Harley in the dust? Did Raven purposefully play them against each other by sleeping with both of them? So. Many. Questions.

If you like surprise endings, you’ll love this!xawtxweyfbeydxvqyyabysvesa

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