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WATCH: Weatherman’s Adorable Interruption by his Dog

He’s still a good boy.

(Image: Youtube/FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay)

In the coronavirus era, every day is bring your pet to work day. Fox 13 News meteorologist Paul Dellegato proved just that when his golden retriever dog interrupted his weather report.

Dellegatto was broadcasting his weather report from his home office when his dog, Brody, enthusiastically became his co-anchor. Although Brody accidentally knocked Dellegatto’s computer model out of commission, he certainly became the star of Fox 13 News that day; the YouTube video on the news station’s channel has garnered over 535,000 views. 

Watch the endearing clip below. 

Dellegatto’s invitation to Brody onto his lap for the report is especially cute considering the framed photo of the dog on his desk. Regardless of his sabotage of the weather report, Brody is obviously very well-loved.

And despite the current socially distant way of life, in which boredom is often the best case scenario, Dellegatto and Brody remind us that some small joys can be found without leaving the house.

Comments on the YouTube videos prove this. “It’s moments like these that help us all get through this,” one viewer said; “My blood pressure and anxiety decrease just watching the pup,” said another.

Dellegatto is not the only one experiencing some interruptions when it comes to broadcasting news from home. Watch another funny mishap here, when a reporter forgot his pants on live television.

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