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WATCH: Trucker Keeps On Truckin’ After Car Crashes Into Him

He was still going for miles!

Featured Image Credit: CARBUZZ

Some how this trucker managed to travel for miles, unaware that a car was lodged into his back. There’s plenty of strange viral videos going around the web, but this one is mind boggling.

It raises the question of how the hell this happened? In the video, the truck is driving down the highway in California for miles before pulling over. Yet the real mystery is how that car wedged itself into the truck at that angle. The poor guy in the sedan is just truckin’ along with the truck… waiting for the driver to acknowledge him.

According to NBC News, the truck was carrying 50,000 pounds of carrots. The two vehicles collided because the semi truck switched lanes and didn’t see the red car. Both vehicles were said to be going 30mph when the collision occurred. Luckily the carrots made it out unscathed.

The trucker refused to comment about the accident. Yet he seemed sincere about not noticing the sedan wedged in his truck. Hopefully this guy’s truckin’ days aren’t over because there’s still plenty of carrots that need delivering.

Lastly, if you’re into dangerous things check out this extremely potent beer in the UK. It has a 67.5% alcohol content, which would make most drunk drivers wedge their cars into a truck.

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