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WATCH: These Guys Built The World’s First ‘Pogo Bike’

A couple of BMX bros decide to build the never before seen, ‘pogo bike’.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Scotty Cranmer

When you’re a kid, you have the opportunity to spend your afternoons and weekends messing around, playing with your friends and getting in a little bit more trouble than you probably wanted.

Some of the most fun things to do when you are younger is playing wiffle ball, football, capture the flag, riding your bike, and bouncing on a pogo stick. Seriously, nothing is better than flying around town on your bike. Still, there are certain bikes that aren’t able to do that much “flying around”. One of these bikes, for example, comes courtesy of Scotty Cranmer, Matty Cranmer and Vinny Mannino, who decided it would be fun to build a ‘pogo bike’.

My first thought after coming across this video was, ‘wow that is pretty awesome’. My second thought was, ‘wow I do not think a pogo bike is very practical’. Still, at the end of the day, the idea of a creating a pogo bike is creative as you can get. 

After watching the video, I wanted to jump on a pogo bike. I said earlier the idea of a pogo bike was awesome, but actually watching a pogo bike in action was even better.

I don’t no if I would be great at balancing myself, but I am sure I could figure it out. You can see that the back leg has more spring than the front leg. If I remembered that, I think I would have an okay time at pogo biking. 

And yes, I can say all of that, but if I tried it? There is a good chance I’d end up hurting myself. I know, not very optimistic, but I have seen way too many fail videos across the internet to believe I could hop on and be great from the start. 

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