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WATCH: These Seafaring Adventurers Have Discovered A Living Surfboard

Surfin’ whale sharks this summer.

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In an undisclosed location in the Middle East, several young gents decided to hop off their small row boat, and attempt a different mode of sea travel: the broad back of a whale shark. 

Apparently this act is not illegal in the deep waters of the Middle East, so these boys were able to safely ride the blubbery locomotive with little to no trouble.

However, a couple of the seafarer’s attempts to land on the back of the whale shark were a bit sloppy, and they instead landed on the docile beast’s head.


This treatment of an animal would no doubt raise the ire of PETA, but I have a distinct feeling that these young men were not looking for their endorsement.

I must admit, this activity, when done properly and without sticking a landing on the creature’s head, does look like a boat load of fun (I will spare the reader from having to endure anymore crappy puns). The whale shark doesn’t appear to mind too much either, as it casually glides just below the surface with the travelers in tow.

Albeit, these dudes were able to pull this off, it is definitely something that should not be attempted at home, because riding whale sharks is more than likely deemed an illicit offense in most oceans across the globe.

It is not against the law to watch, though. Roll the clip!

To read a more problematic story about human and animal interaction,  click here.

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