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WATCH: Ryan Williams’ Shocking BMX Stunts

BMX stunter Ryan Williams knows how to scare you with his new stunt.

Credit: 50LIONS/Reddit

BMX, for those not versed in this niche-but-popular sport, is an abbreviation for bicycle (or bike) motocross. Dating back to the 1970s, BMX began with young cyclists who used motocross tracks for recreational purposes and, most of all, for tricky stunts which went on to define the sport.

Without a doubt, there are BMX stunt performers who are capable of stunts that most wouldn’t dare to try, much less the sort of gravity-defying stunt that Ryan Williams performs in the following video:

Ryan Williams, colloquially known as R-Willy, is an Australian freestyle scooter and BMX performer. Via his social media presence, Williams has garnered a large and avid social following. 

Williams, in a new, horrifying, gut-wrenching stunt, attempts a gravity-defying maneuver in which he flips in the air (with his bike, no less), and lands on the two wheels of his bike once he has completed the full rotation in the air.

It’s the sort of thing that one might assume would become famous on a show like America’s Got Talent, especially with such a specific, unconventional, and developed ability. 

Nonetheless, despite the trip in the first attempt, Williams proves twice in a row both his deftness amid the difficulty and his grace amid the pressure.

Without a doubt, he’ll be returning to drop some more jaws before he bids farewell to his stunting days.

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