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WATCH: Pastor Wipes Spit On Churchgoer In Viral Video

I’m not sure anyone’s coming back to church next Sunday.

Marcus Rogers / YouTube

A video has gone viral of a sermon, in which the pastor wipes spit on a member of the congregation.

Pastor Mike Todd, the leader of Transformations Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is well-known for his stunts during sermons. But this time, his stunt went viral.

As you can see in the above video, Todd wipes spit on the face of his volunteer from the congregation in order to make a point. Much like having spit wiped on your face, following God isn’t always easy, according to Todd.

Everyone else saw that string of spit hanging off the poor man’s face, right? I’m not sure that’s what God intended for the human race…

What was the reaction to the spit video?

People online weren’t too happy with the viral video. Given the current state of the pandemic, it’s been a while since people have considered it okay to spit all over someone’s face. To be honest, I don’t think it was an okay thing to do before then either.

The backlash has been so strong that Todd has issued an apology.

He wrote: It’s never my intention to distract others from God’s Word and the message of Jesus… even with illustrations! I apologize for my example being too extreme and disgusting!

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