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WATCH: Loose Truck Trailer Becomes Unlikely Battering Ram

You wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

ViralHog / YouTube

In this viral video, watch as a trailer becomes unattached from a truck, and smashes into both sides of the road.

The filmed incident happened back in February of this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. In the video, viewers can see the unattached trailer first bash into the right-hand side. A cloud of dust explodes from the hit point, before the trailer swerves to the left-hand side, hitting once again.

The trailer stops, and, as the recorder drives past, it is clear the truck the trailer was previously attached to stops to. What happens next we’ll never know, but it was probably a nerve-wracking drive home from there.

The owner of the video had this to say about the experience:

“While driving on the freeway we noticed sparks coming off a truck pulling an empty trailer to the left of our vehicle. The chain pulling the trailer was scraping on the ground and causing sparks. Within seconds, the trailer detached leading to the trailer hitting the wall, bouncing back, hitting the truck who was the owner of the trailer, then hitting the wall one more time before it finally came to a stop.”

For more dangerous driving stories, check out the news that US lawmakers are attempting to ban Grand Theft Auto due to carjackings.

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