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Watch Japan’s Trash Collecting Samurai Battle Littering on Streets of Tokyo

Litter prevention but make it fun!

Credit: YouTube / Asian Boss

Japan may be known as one of the world’s most efficient recycling nations but a unique group of street performers are making even further efforts to reduce litter – with impressive flair.

The Gomi Hiroi Samurai (“trash collecting samurai”) dress in traditional samurai garb with their metal tongs taking the place of a katana and used in delightfully dramatic fashion.

In keeping with the 12th century aesthetic, they each carry wicker baskets on their backs to deposit litter into – allowing for some very 21st century trick shots!

(Image credit: Youtube / ゴミ拾い侍チャンネル)

Yushi, a performer in the Gomi Hiroi Samurai, told Asian Boss that he sees the group as “this generation’s new kind of samurai” (without the whole killing people thing).

Our biggest hope is that through our trash cleaning performances, we can help clean the streets and bring lots of joy to people as well.

Indeed, the word “samurai” comes from the Japanese verb “saburau”, which means “to serve“.

(Image credit: Youtube / Asian Boss)

After picking up a piece of trash, the Gomi Hiroi Samurai state: “We punish this immoral heart.”

We aren’t pronouncing judgment on the trash itself, but the immoral heart that thought it was okay to litter. Condemn the crime, not the person. Neither the person nor the trash are bad.

It is rather the heart which thought it was okay to litter that is wrong. That’s what we are “punishing”.

While there are many people who pick up trash as volunteers, the group hope to make the ‘trash collecting samurai’ a full time, paid, profession and hold stage shows along with serving the community.

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