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WATCH: Guys Buy ATM For $300 Only To Find $2,000 Hidden Inside

It was their lucky day!

Packestt / TikTok

In a viral TikTok this week, a group of guys find the ATM they bought for $300 contains $2,000 inside.

In the video, one of the lads explains that they bought the ATM from a man who used to own ATMs. ‘He sold this to us, as is.’

They bought the ATM from the owner for $300. Not bad, considering what they would soon find inside.

The owner had no keys to the safe, so said they were free to do whatever they wanted to get in.

He said to them: ‘If you guys wanna have it, you can have whatever’s in it.’

The video mostly consists of footage of the group of lads trying their best to open the ATM. They use a crowbar, a hammer, and a drill, all in the attempt to break in.

Eventually, they find success. They manage to make a small hole, through which they can pull bills. In the end, they create a nice big pile of bills – which add up to $2,000.

Once they’ve cracked into the ATM, the lads’ joy is contagious.

‘I’m very excited! This is amazing!’ you can hear one saying.

The TikToks, which fill a four-part series, have racked up just under 8 million views. I wonder what they’ll do with the money…

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