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WATCH: Epic Street Race Ends With $13,000 Cash Prize

How to make serious cash in 5 seconds.

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Because racing for anything other than a mega stack of cash is pointless.

In a world of people fighting to be the next best start up company or CEO, some have taken to far more lucrative positions. In the underbelly of slightly (very) illegal professions, street racing is a popular favorite. It’s like regular car racing but entirely unregulated and usually conducted at night by guys in gray hoodies with questionable facial hair choices. Of these hoodied hoodlums is none other than Birdman and JJ DaBoss, who faced off in an epic race. At first the cash pot for the race started at $4500 but it quickly escalated to $6500 a side. Overall, the pot was $13,000 for a single race.

Photo via ShockMansion

JJ DaBoss traveled up from Tennessee for the race with his nitrous big block firebird but Birdman never turns away a challenge. The video of the race is twelve minutes long with about 11.5 minutes of guys in hoodies standing around and counting cash and 0.5 minutes of an actual race. Either way, it’s all about the anticipation, right?

Street races are a quick way to make a ton of cash, if you have a sick car and an open road and a deal with the cops. Some people are in it for the money, others for the adrenaline rush. If this race isn’t doing it for you, check out this adrenaline junkie who jumps in front of a moving train! If you want to talk about winning (a.k.a. living) by a split second, this is as good and extreme as it gets!

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