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WATCH: Bullshark Attacks Spear Fisherman

Jaws IRL.

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They say spear fishing can be dangerous. But after watching this video I think that that might be an understatement. 

What would you do if you were spear fishing and a shark suddenly attacked you? Well, you’d probably panic, then freeze and die. Not if you are as experienced as 35-year-old Kerry Daniel though. Watch what happens while Daniel is spear fishing off the coast of north Queensland, near the Great Barrier Rift:

Talk about frightening encounters! He does manage to stab the shark before it gets to him but that is certainly a close call. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to handle a terrifying situation like this as calmly as Daniel did.

If that were me I would have probably been eaten alive. But then again I can’t even fish with a normal fishing pole, let alone a massive spear like that! I think I’ll stick to my boring and uninteresting internet-browsing life, thank you very much!

For some insane shark footage check out this!

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