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WATCH: Adorable Little Girl Interrupts Her Mother During a Live News Report

During a Central European News report, the newscaster’s daughter can be seen interrupting her.

Image Courtesy of LAD Bible

Though this moment occurred all the way back in 2012, a video of a young girl interrupting her mother, while her mother is giving a live news report, recently went viral. In the video, which is all in Russian, the little girl can be heard telling her mother, “Mom, you have a a text message.”

This video was captured during a broadcast on the local channel TagilTV in the city of Nizhny Tagil, Russia. Newscaster Anna Kizilova can be seen in the video trying to read out the bulletin for a news update when her daughter wanders onto the screen with a phone in hand.

It is when Kizilova tries to move her daughter Elizaveta out of the shot, that the little girl can be heard saying, “But Mom, you have a text message.”

According to Central European News (CEN), Kizilova had had to pick up her daughter from the nursery before coming to work which is why Elizaveta had been on set that day and was able to create that adorable video moment.

Video Courtesy of Central European News

Kizilova said, “I wasn’t married at the time and my mum lived on the other side of town so there was no one I could leave her with when I had to go to work. I was worried about losing my news role, but the producer asked the team about the public reaction and was told that it had been positive.”

The old video has only now gone viral because Kizilova had recently posted it on her social media.

She said, “I just posted the old video, filmed in 2012, not realizing it would be so popular. It quickly spread online and a local journalist was told about it and called me to ask for the permission to use it.”

Kizilova had apparently come across the video when she was asked by her bosses what her favorite moments on news were over the past decade.

As for Elizaveta, she is now 12 and dreams of becoming an actress when she is done with school.

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