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WATCH: 1-Year-Old Daughter Interprets for Deaf Father For The First Time

This is so moving.

oursignedworld / TikTok

This week, a video has gone viral on TikTok. In the video, Zachary (@oursignedworld on TikTok) a deaf father saw his daughter interpret for him for the very first time.

The video shows Zachary and his daughter, Madison, at a supermarket. When Madison hears a baby crying, she puts down what she’s holding and signs what she’s heard for her dad.

@oursignedworld This was a WOW moment ? #deaf #deafdad #coda #fatherdaughter #daddysgirl #viral #4u #fyp #ForzaHorizon5GO #signlanguage #asl #toddlersigning ♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) – Instrumental – Lesfm

Zachary, obviously, was incredibly moved by this moment. The text on the video reads:

‘I’m deaf and my daughter is hearing. This is the first time she tried interpreting for me.’

In the caption, he says: ‘This was a WOW moment.’

How have people responded to the video?

The video has already gained 27.5 million views and 5.2 million likes.

Plenty of people have left comments on the video. Some, like @sorrynoresults, have praised Madison for this feat:

‘Wow! It’s amazing how smart and perceptive kids can be!’

While others, like @aayyyooo and @junjitorocks, saw the funny side:

‘She said “Just so you know dad there’s a baby crying over there and I’m not. I probably deserve a toy or sum just saying.”’

‘Queen put down her stuff to make sure dad had the full tea abt the crying baby’

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