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Viral Video Shows Son Saving His Sunbathing Mom From Almost Certain Death

A son’s quick thinking saves his mom from being squashed under a massive tree.

As a mom in Alpharette, Georgia was sunbathing and enjoying the nice weather outside, her young son noticed the large tree in their backyard about to fall and called out to his mom, allowing her to escape out of harm’s way unscathed.

In the video, we are able to see the mom enjoying herself and relaxing by the poolside, likely getting in some needed sunbathing, while her two young sons play in the pool near by. One of her sons was paying attention to his mom though, and noticed that she was on the path of a large falling tree and quickly yelled at her to get away.

Fortunately, instead of wondering what her son was yammering about, the mom quickly jumped up and moved away from where moments later would be total wreckage and a tree collapsed over the very pool chair she had been resting on.

You can watch the amazing footage below:

Video courtesy of Daily Dose of Internet

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