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Unexpected Lightning Bolt Strikes Tree Despite Completely Clear Skies

An impressive weather phenomenon leads to a viral video!

Image Credit: Jonathan Moore/ Facebook

You may have heard incredible statistics ensuring the improbability of ever being struck by lightning in your lifetime. According to National Geographic, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. Unfortunately, a palm tree in Tampa, Florida, is one of the unlucky 3000’s. A man’s dashcam captured the shocking footage of a lonely palm tree being struck by a sudden lightning bolt on an otherwise blue-skied, sunny afternoon. 

The footage was captured on Jonathan Moore’s, a local, dashcam on August 10th: a burst of lightning erupts from a peaceful afternoon sky, splitting a tree and severing one of its branches. Moore’s Thinkware U1000 Dashcam caught the incredible moment, conveying how unusual the occurrence was even for Florida weather. 

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: 10 Tampa Bay

The footage was featured on major Florida News and Weather channels, however the internet was shocked by the bolt that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Last week, Florida was facing a series of summer thunderstorms (much like the weather here in California), with lightning, gusty wind and showers.

It is suspected that the lightning struck the tree from several miles away, making the phenomenon an important lesson to people to be careful. Supposedly, this is a pretty often occurrence during storm weather.

But, still. What else is next, 2020?   

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