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This Mountain of Mannequins Is The Creepiest Landmark in England

Although this is super freaky, the team behind the mannequin piles are actually trying to do some good!

Credit: Tom Scott / YouTube

In the East Midlands, you will find a 20-foot mountain comprised of 15,000 mannequins. But what are they doing there, and who’s behind it? 

One of the biggest problems of the modern age is that we produce more waste than the planet can handle. Because of this we have an influx of landfill sites, and release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere after burning plastics that won’t decompose. 

However, one person who’s been tackling this process in their own weird and wonderful way is Roz Edwards and the rest of her team at Mannakin. 

Based in the Lincolnshire, Mannakin buys, sells, and rents out mannequins for public and private use. 

Check out the video here:

Credit: Tom Scott / YouTube

According to Roz, a lot of the mannequins that end up in her hands were destined for landfill. 

The issue with this is that a lot of mannequins are manufactured in China, and are made using fiberglass. As fiberglass doesn’t decompose, it tends to sit in landfill sites for years on end. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as Roz and the rest of her team bring this mannequins back to life with repairs and fresh coats of paint, ready for them to be used again.  

Credit: Tom Scott / YouTube

What started off as 100 mannequins from a friend quickly grew into 25,000 mannequins in just fourth months. 

Today there is still over 15,000 mannequins on Roz’s property, which welcomes members of the public as well as film and television crews from all over the country. 

Prior to Covid-19 restrictions, Roz mentioned she often held “drive-through mannequin heists”. For £50 guests would have 15 minutes to fill their car with as many mannequin parts as they could (a little like supermarket sweep). 

During Halloween the mannequin yard also proved popular with locals, as Roz opened up their gates to allow members of the public to walk around during the dark (talk about creepy)!

Credit: Tom Scott / YouTube

Although I do find the thought of walking through a yard of dismembered mannequins and lose limbs during the night time utterly terrifying, I do commend Roz and her team for bringing new life to mannequins which would otherwise be thrown away. 

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