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This Drone Footage Of Chernobyl Shows The True Extent Of The Nuclear Reactor Damage

This footage shows how amazing the series captures the site.

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HBO’s new drama Chernoybl has gone down as one of the greatest shows in recent history, being compared to the likes of Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones. Now real drone footage shows the real-life disaster of the 1986 incident.

In recent years, people have started to go back to Pripyat and the Chernobyl exclusion zone in Ukraine to see what’s left and to explore the area. One explorer named Dax Ward did this, but brought along his drone as well. See below:

To give a little bit of background, in 1986 thousands of people were evacuated from Pripyat after there was a meltdown at the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

After the evacuation, an exclusion zone was established around Chernobyl to avoid radiation which effectively meant that all of the evacuees were no longer able to return to their homes, and since then Pripyat has been somewhat of a ghost town.

The footage which was captured by Ward really does show the extent of the desertion of Pripyat and gives us a good insight into what is left and how badly the area was affected by radiation. Ward commented that “It was overwhelming at times”.

The timing of this footage has coincided with the release of brand new HBO series “Chernobyl” which has attracted rave reviews from audiences and critics around the world.

The series is actually currently scoring higher than Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on IMDB, so it’s safe to say that it would be work giving it a watch!

Want to check out Chernobyl yourself? See how here.

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