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The Simpsons Predictions Continue…Now It’s Monkey Pox!

Could they predict something that’s not disastrous for once?!

homer simpsons on floor with monkey
Credit: 20th Century Fox

How many times have The Simpsons predicted something that has altered real life? Donald Trump became President of the United States, a deadly pandemic, ebola outbreak, and many more. Could they ever predict something that’s not catastrophic?

Money is going to fall from the sky and help us all out with funds or our work would have puppies we could play with all day instead of working or solving some kind of terminal disease. Anything happy would be fantastic. But no, fans believe the hit TV series predicted the Monkey Pox from an episode back in 2005.

Now, in reality, these are not really predictions but just scary accurate storylines that have come true. Still, it is really unsettling how many have come true and sometimes worse than the show depicted. Fans with a lot of time on their hands find these episodes in a hurry when the situation arrives, like now with the Monkey Pox outbreak across the planet.

Did They Predict Again?

Credit: The Newsroom Explains/Youtube
Credit: 20th Century Fox

When asked about these so-called predictions, creator Matt Groening has this to say:

We take the most unlikely, ridiculous, stupid, impossible, never-will-happen joke, and then it turns out that our imaginations aren’t that imaginative.

Matt Groening

Writer and producer Al Jean has this to say as well:

I think that if you have a bunch of people who are smart, who are trying to predict the future, if you throw enough darts, enough darts hit the dartboard.

Al Jean

As crazy accurate as these predictions are, they are not really predictions like the writers knew all of these things were going to happen. Couldn’t some of the lighter things happen though? The world needs a break from all these harsh truths.

Flashback to The Simpsons’ 30th anniversary, back in 2019.

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