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Snoop Dogg Seen Smoking A Joint Before Performing at Super Bowl Halftime Show

A video has emerged showing Snoop Dogg smoking a joint before going on stage to perform at the Super Bowl half time show.

Credit: Shutterstock / Sterling Munksgard

A video has emerged showing Snoop Dogg smoking a joint before going on stage to perform at the Super Bowl half time show.

The rapper was one of many well known artists to entertain crowds at the game on Sunday 13th February. But before taking to the stage Snoop Dogg decided to take the edge of slightly by lighting up a spliff. The video, as seen below, was posted to broadcaster Rafa El Alcalde’s Twitter where he wrote “Warming up before going on stage for the Halftime Show.”

It should also be noted that smoking marijuana both for medicinal and recreational use is legal in California, where the event took place. The video has been shared over 148,000 times, with many supportive comments. One user said “Snoop has a free pass to smoke weed anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere.” Another said “Snoop was like let hit this blunt real quick”, “Snoop is unbeatable” said a third. Whilst another quipped “Exactly the same way I warm up for work, fair play.”

The 50 year old rapper has always been an advocate for the use of marijuana so it isn’t a big surprise to see him partaking before such a huge event. His unique warm up style didn’t affect his performance at least with fans saying it’s the finest performance they’ve ever seen in the middle of the NFL’s showpiece final. On Twitter one face said “Best halftime show ever, it’s over.” Another gushed over the use of old school artists saying “This halftime show is like when you put on your throwback playlist. Best halftime show in years.”

Credit: Twitter / ElalcaldeRafa

As well as Snoop Dogg, other artists that performed include Eminem, Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent who dropped in unannounced (literally dropped in from the ceiling) to perform ‘In Da Club’.


As well as the music talent I’m told some kind of sports game was played between the Cincinnati Bengals and the LA Rams with the LA Rams claiming the victory at 23-20. 

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