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Sacha Baron Cohen Spotted Filming in Borat Costume

Clip shared to social media shows Sacha Baron Cohen in a yellow pick up truck dressed a Borat, being filmed by crew.

Image credit: Alexandheir / TikTok

A clip shared to the social media platform TikTok shows actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen wearing his icon grey suit and moustache in a yellow pick-up truck, whilst being towed by a film crew. 

The comedy/mockumentary movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstanwas originally released in 2006.  After receiving positive critical reception, debuting No. 1 on its opening weekend, and making a total gross of $26.4 million, fans have been hankering after a sequel for over a decade. And it seems as if they are finally in luck.

TikTok user @alexandheir was driving in Long Beach, California when he spotted Cohen in his yellow pick up truck, dressed in his Borat attire, while being pulled along a road by a camera crew.

In the footage, Cohen appears to be in character and struggling to take off his trademark grey suit.

When speculation about a Borat sequel first sparked in 2007, the rumours were ended by 20th Centruy Fox bosses. Instead, Cohen went on to make Bruno, a mockumentary film follow Austrian fashion journalist, as well as the political satire The Director.

Since 2006, Cohen has twice reprised the role of Borat. Both times, this as for promotional appearance on the Jimmy Kemmel talk show. He has not played the character again in fil or television.

Whatever Cohen is up to is anyone’s guess.

What we are sure of though, is that the ‘Tiger King’ zoo has officially shut down.

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