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Neighborhood ‘Karen’ Threatens TikToker over Tigger Flag

A neighborhood ‘Karen’ criticizes Tiktoker over Tigger flag hanging outside her house. The ‘Karen’ defends her dislike of the flag by stating that the neighborhood has “community rules” and that this Tigger Flag was somehow breaking them.

Credit: Tizzybizzy92 / TikTok

Viral TikTok of local ‘Karen’ criticizing Tigger Flag gets temporarily taken down from the app. 

In a viral Tik Tok posted by Tiktoker Ambrosia a neighborhood encounter goes south when a neighbor approaches the Tiktoker’s house to complain about a flag hanging outside the house featuring the Winnie The Pooh character Tigger. The flag was hanging beside an American Flag outside the house. 

The TikTok features security cam footage in which a neighborhood ‘Karen’ knocked on the door in order to state that she didn’t like the Tigger flag. “I thought the American Flag was real nice… I don’t say nothing about the shrubbery being cut. I don’t say nothing about the backyard, but now I don’t like that,” the ‘Karen’ explained, pointing to the Tigger flag. 

Why was the neighborhood Karen so upset about this flag? According to her, the Tigger flag was against the community rules for the neighborhood. Despite Ambrosia pointing out that they are not part of a homeowner’s association, the ‘Karen’ was adamant that there are “Williamsburg something” rules regardless and that this Tigger flag was somehow breaking them.  

The neighbor also went on to say that the Tigger flag was making the neighborhood appear “tackey” and that in of itself was breaking the so-called neighborhood rules.  With expert patience and politeness, Ambrosia replied that the woman was entitled to her opinion but that she disagreed. 

Eventually, with no more feeble attempts to scare Ambrosia into taking down the flag, the ‘Karen’ left stating that she was going to “find out” about the rules. Ambrosia respectfully told the neighbor to have a nice day as she was leaving. 

Credit: Tizzybizzy92 / TikTok 

Ambrosia states that she was temporarily banned on TikTok for posting the security footage of her interaction with the neighborhood ‘Karen’. The video and Ambrosia’s account were reinstated after the TikToker made an appeal. The TikTok blew up with support for Ambrosia and the patience she administered while dealing with the overstepping neighborhood ‘Karen’.

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