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Mayors of Italy Losing Their Minds At Citizens Wandering The Streets

Flamethrowers and confusion.

Following the news in Italy, it is no surprise that citizens have been ordered to stay in their homes to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Some are taking this discretion deathly serious, while others don’t seem to see the urgency.

Recently, a montage of various Italian mayors has been curated capturing the sheer chaos and frustration felt from authorities. If we’re going to poke fun at this whole epidemic, which is definitely in bad taste, we may as well enjoy it. Please enjoy 1:46 seconds of mayors losing their sh*t at wandering citizens.

Note the subtitles are said to be accurate.

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Some of my favorites include:

“We will send the police over, with flamethrowers.”

“Where the fu*k are you all going. You and your dogs… which MUST have an inflamed prostate”

“You are not Will Smith in I am Legend. Go home.”

The most horrific part of this is that the entire world is at risk for contracting COVID-19. For many, this may even be fatal. We can laugh at the mayors of Italy, but in reality, they are only trying to help their people. By taking active precautions such as just staying at home, we could prevent millions of people from getting sick.

Read a book, binge watch Netflix, knit a sweater and listen to your mayors!

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