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Jordan Peele Uses ‘Deepfakes’ And Obama To Warn Us About Media ‘Dystopia’

Do you believe in Fake News?

Image via Buzzfeed

Jordan Peele Uses Barack Obama To Help Warn Us About The Oncoming ‘Fucked-Up Dystopia’.

Several months ago, media outlets reported on the emergence of Deepfakes. Deepfakes have been used previously and allows creators to make anyone they want say anything they wish to say. This originally was used to create fake celebrity porn (the norm of the internet), it was also realised that it could be used to create fake news. This has been made possible by a very smart ‘deep learning’ algorithm that allows the mouth of someone to be used to imitate someone else’s speech.


The title of the video above ‘You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video’ is hilariously ironic because he never says any of those comments, instead Jordan Peele, director of Get Out, Buzzfeed and Monkeypaw Productions used the algorithm to make it appear as though Obama is speaking.

The end result is absolutely believable! However, bear in mind that not all deepfakes are this good. In fact, just about anyone, no matter what computer abilities you have, can come up with their own version using the FakeApp. You have got to love the internet these days.

Jordan Peele, director of Get Out (absolute brilliant film) uses Obama to shock the audience and to warn them about ‘fake news’ by having Obama say things he would never say on a public announcement. Let’s be honest, would Obama willingly have years of media training go down the drain? For example, he says ‘Killmonger was right’, ‘Ben Carson is in the sunken place’ and, my favourite ‘President Trump is a total and complete dipshit.’

Obama says all this while warning us about the use of deepfakes. How fucking meta is that?

However the reason for the video is very true as moving forward, internet users need to be more careful about what we trust from the internet, we need to rely on trusted news sources. This is what is going to make the difference in whether we survive this precarious time or whether, as Peele/Obama state, we become ‘some fucked up dystopia.’

So, don’t forget to check out the video above, and don’t forget to check out the video below for more detail on how the algorithm works.


For more on the Media Dystopia, don’t forget to check out this article on Zuckerberg’s’ media downfall. You could believe this article, but you also might not, who knows?

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