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Ex-Banker Confesses Investment Banking “Is The Perfect Job for Psychopaths”

Drugs, greed, manipulation: this isn’t The Wolf of Wall Street, this is real life.

Credit: VICE/

As COVID-19 has brought our global economy into a deep recession, Vice News takes us back to the 2008 Financial Crisis.

In an Informant Interview, an ex-banker divulges into the depravity and corruption that festered in the investment industry. While the informant is anonymous, he shares his experiences working in the City of London’s Square Mile from the mid-90s up to 2008. 

What he reveals: an industry ridden with cocaine, greed, robbery, and manipulation.

Some of the video’s biggest highlights include the industry’s common practice of insider-trading. In addition, the insider pays attention to how the business rewarded what he called “common-day psychopaths.” 

You’ve got a bunch of greedy, ruthless, people together and the rewards are massive.

Credit: Vice News

In the present, the hiring criteria and lifestyle for investment bankers have changed; however, it is astounding to learn about the perverse culture that for a long period fueled the global economy. 

It’s not right the way we used to behave… I sold my soul to the devil, basically

Credit: Vice News

After watching the video, think about this: this wasn’t Hollywood, this wasn’t The Wolf of Wall Street, this was real life. 

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