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Comedian Conan O’Brien Shows Haiti How To Ignore The Cruel Comments Of Donald Trump

After Donald Trump said nasty things about Haiti, Conan O’Brien knew just how to tell the country not to listen!

Image via Team Coco/YouTube

Donald Trump has said some controversial and nasty things in his time but calling Haiti a sh*thole has to be up there with the worst!

And American comedian, TV host, and producer Conan O’Brien is not going to stand for it.

He has visited a primary school in Haiti and now has a new bunch of fans amongst the children who he won over with his hilarious and silly antics.

He disrupted their classes and took over their playtimes but all to show them that not all Americans are like Donald Trump.

He may even have found the future president as one little girl made her opinion on Trump very clear, many would probably think she’d do a better job of running the country!

Watch the video below to see all of Conan’s mischief-making at the school.

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