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As Trump’s Tulsa Rally Venue is Left Empty, This Tulsa Family Sang a Trump Re-Election Song That is Horrendously Cringey

See if you can make it all the way through.

Screenshot of Shared Video By Cal Perry Via Twitter

As Trump made his way over to Tulsa, Oklahoma only to have his rally venue left empty, thanks to a successful prank pulled by TikTok teens, this family sang “There will never be another USA if we don’t vote Trump” in the streets of Tulsa.

A lot seems to be happening in Tulsa at the moment.

A 19,000-capacity venue that Donald Trump was scheduled to give a rally speech in was left embarrassingly empty after a bunch of TikTok teenaged claimed tickets without the intent to participate.  

“Trump has been actively trying to disenfranchise millions of Americans in so many ways, and to me, this was the protest I was able to perform,” Erin Hoffman, an 18-year-old New Yorker, told the Times.

Anti-Trumps pulled this huge prank as a part of a coordinated effort, but at the same time, a Trump-supporting family sang this re-election song across the city.

“There will never be another USA if we don’t vote Trump”, they sang.  

This effort to urge people to vote for Trump, resulted in lots of memes, and parody videos.

While the essential workers are working long hours at their worksites, wearing layers of clothing and masks in these hot summer days, Donald Trump does his own fair share of entertaining the public with his twitter game. Check out this bizarre clip of Trump edited into the movie “Independence Day” which he retweeted.

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