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WATCH: Kento Yoshioka’s Sensational Skateboarding Video is a Feast For the Eyes

Skateboarding has officially been taken to a new level; watch Kento Yoshioka defy gravity and all expectation!

Image of Kento Yoshioka skateboarding
Image via instant_kichijoji/ Instagram

Watch out for the “fastest feet in the East”! Kento Yoshioka defies gravity and any traditional skateboarding in his latest viral video. 

The Japanese Skateboarding Scene

Skateboarding is on the rise in Japan. From the popularity of Y2K brands to street fashion, more people than ever in Japan are taking up the sport.

However, even though the look is becoming mainstream, skateboarding is not completely mainstream in all of Japan just yet. According to an article on the Japanese skateboarding scene by Steve Cave, there are only limited areas to practice. Most places outdoors are made of plywood, and “concrete skate parks can only be found inside large warehouses”.

Skate to the Stars

Despite the challenges, there are several rising skateboarding stars coming up in Japan. As of late, Kento Yoshioka has caught the world by storm in his latest “Evisen Part” video with Thrasher Magazine.

Take a look!

I’d say this is on par with watching people try not to scream on rollercoaster rides in Japan in an effort to reduce COVID 19 infections. But don’t take my word for it, check out “Please Scream Inside Your Heart”: Japan Bans Screaming on Reopened Roller Coasters(Opens in a new browser tab) after this article!

Kento Kills!

Evidently, taking a look at the video above shows you absolute proof that Yoshioka knows how to shred. In fact, he’s even been nicknamed “the fastest feet in the East” by Thrasher Magazine!

Besides uploading gravity-defying stunts to Youtube, Yoshioka is also busy on Instagram. On his account, @japanese_super_rat, Yoshioka posts short clips of him skateboarding around Tokyo.

Also, with every post on his account, you can be sure to get a little “squeak squeak” to caption it.

Whether you’re the biggest skateboarding fanatic or haven’t touched a skateboard once, you can’t deny Kento Yoshioka has talent. Buckle up, because this is truly one to look out for!

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