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WATCH: American Football Team Rescue Woman From Hanging Off a Cliff

Football team work together to save a woman dangling off a 70ft cliff; USA.

Featured image via Twitter @Kelly Bills

After discovering the woman who was trapped in her harness dangling off the side of a cliff, the Dixie State University football team wasted no time using all their muscle to hoist her back up to safety.

At the cliff of Dixie Rock in Sugarloaf, St. George in Utah, a young woman in her 20s was caught for by her hair in her rock climbing harness, and dangling off a 70ft drop for 45 minutes on the 7th of August. 

Her partner quickly screamed for assistance when luckily, he bumped into the entirety of the Dixie State University football team on their annual trip. 

Immediately, they organized themselves together to try and save the young woman as fast as possible. 

Watch the video below:

The head coach of the team, Paul Peterson, spoke to ABC 4 about the event, saying: “The gentleman she was with asked for some help and we jumped right to it. I think anybody would step up to do the same thing. We had plenty of muscle to be able to get her up pretty quickly.”

Although the team performed the rescue mission perfectly, the young lady was very dehydrated and numb so managing to hoist her up without harming her more was a dangerous task. 

One individual, however, has been recognized for his bravery, leaning over the side of the cliff to hold her: police officer Scott Veach. 

Speaking to Fox 10, Veach also shared his thought process on how to best hoist the young woman back up. 

“We have about 100 football players I thought, ‘why don’t we just pull her up or let her down?’ We just kind of directed them and they pulled her up to the ledge and another guy came up and helped me and we pulled her up on the ledge.”

“I definitely couldn’t have gotten her up by myself because when I first got to her, I grabbed her hand, and when they are pulling, it literally pulls her against the rock, so I was telling her to use her hands and feet, and she told me her legs were numb and she couldn’t use them.”

“Several people came up to me and said ‘we were really worried about you falling off’. It never even crossed my mind. I was focused on getting her up because I could tell she was in trouble.”

The young woman suffered no injuries, thankfully. 

Always have to appreciate some bright news for the day, and examples of when people look out for one another. 

If you’ve not been satisfied for more cliff diving antics, however, check out how these Youtubers cliff dive off an abandoned hotel

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