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Children’s Drawings Help German Police Catch Dangerous Driver

The polizei get help from some mini Monets.

Polizei NRW Hamm / Facebook
These six-year-old sleuths have channelled their inner Picasso to assist coppers in Hamm, Germany.

An incident of dangerous driving occurred in the west German city last Wednesday morning. Luckily, there were several witnesses at hand – Celina, Romy, Luisa, and Luis, who are all six. 

On the 11th of November, the first graders headed to their first lesson, as usual, at the Overberg School in Bockum-H Hövel. At around 8.40 am, though, whilst waiting at a set of traffic lights, the quartet caught sight of a black vehicle swerving left.

Then, the driver rammed into a nearby lockdown post, and drove off, without any concern for the damage or distress he had just caused.

The minute Celina and her friends entered school, they reported the incident to their teacher, and the cops were immediately called. Meanwhile, they were told to draw what they had seen. Here’s where the artistic flair really kicks in.

Luis gives his interpretation of the incident. The jury’s out on who the driver is – but we think it’s either the tiny person inside the car, or the huge angry character behind it. Credit: Polizei NRW Hamm / Facebook
Hamm’s Heroes

The Hamm Police Department has heaped praise on the young detectives in a Facebook post, where they wrote that the children should receive ‘special praise’ for all of their help.

The post explains that Celina and Luis provided the attending officer with an accident sketch, as well as a mugshot of the rogue driver. The drawings have been included with the investigation file, which, if nothing else, would have been pretty exciting for the little law enforcers.

Polizei NRW Hamm / Facebook

Members of the public congratulated the kids for their efforts, with comments on the post such as:

This sketch will give me a higher chance of success in catching the culprit than with some surveillance videos.

Another wrote:

Great action from the kids. You don’t look away, you act. Many adults can take an example from children.

We’re not yet sure whether or not the driver was caught. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these kids in a police uniform – or, in an art exhibition – at some point in the future. 

For more copper capers, check out this fail from an officer in London.

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