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5 Spots to Travel to this Summer, According to Airbnb

Covering everything from quaint villages to historical cities, Airbnb’s travel predictions guide where to book all kinds of getaways. Travelers can turn to Airbnb for advice on where to book this year’s summer vacation.

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As Winter – finally – comes to a close, and warmer weather begins to creep up on us again, the time has come to finalize any plans you may have for Summer 2024. With destinations ranging from remote cabins to tropical islands, narrowing holiday ideas down to just one spot can feel daunting.

To help ease an otherwise complex decision, travelers can turn to a top booking source, Airbnb, for advice. At the end of last year, Airbnb released travel predictions for 2024, highlighting anticipated vacation hotspots to assist holiday-goers in planning any upcoming trips.

Covering everything from quaint villages to historical cities, Airbnb’s travel predictions guide where to book all kinds of getaways. Here are some of the top picks for destinations all around the globe in 2024:

1. Paris, France

Scene in front of Eiffel Tower during sunny day.
Credit: Pexels/Anime Attout

With the Summer Olympics happening in Paris this year, it’s no surprise that the iconic city of love – and now sports apparently – made Airbnb’s list of top destinations of 2024. As the Olympic games draw greater crowds to the already popular city, listings in the area were viewed 100 times more than they were last year, according to Airbnb. Many homeowners in the area who do not typically rent out their space plan to take advantage of the influx of tourists by hosting through Airbnb during the game periods. 

While visiting Paris, travelers can take advantage of all the classic tourist attractions, like seeing the Eiffel Tower and walking through the Lourve. Visitors can immerse themselves in French culture by dining at local cafes and bistros.

2. Nassau, Bahamas

Sky view of the Nassau coast, blue water and city
Credit: Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

If itinerary-based sightseeing and history lessons are less your speed when it comes to summer vacations, Nassau, Bahamas might be the right pick for you. Nassau made Airbnb’s list of travel predictions for the year, as it was one of the leading destinations people searched for when booking their 2024 plans. 

Stretching across 21 miles of clear waters, Nassau is an ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. Aside from lounging by the beaches, travelers can spend their vacation in Nassau taking boat tours, snorkel excursions and even swimming with pigs.

3. Kyoto, Japan

Red and black temple
Credit: Pexels/Kyle Kroeger

Travelers should consider Kyoto when planning their 2024 summer vacation, as Japanese cities had the biggest increase in searches, with three times as many searches as the previous year. Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo were all noted by Airbnb as top destinations in 2024, displaying an increased interest in Japanese vacation spots.

Kyoto is a beautiful sightseeing destination, as temples and zen gardens are scattered throughout the city. Through the blend of traditional and modern culture seen in the city, Kyoto is a great tourist location with less intense crowds than one may find in Tokyo or Osaka.

4. Colorado Springs, USA

Colorado mountainscape in front of a lake
Credit: Pexels/EG Images

With mountainscapes and blue skies, Colorado Springs is incomparable to other US destinations highlighted by Airbnb. In contrast to noted locations like Dallas, Philadelphia and Indianapolis, Colorado Springs offers National Parks and trails making for a truly granola vacation spot.

Colorado Springs brings a more outdoorsy vacation with activities like biking, ziplining and river rafting. Each summer, the city promotes events like outdoor concert series and rodeos.

5. Salvador, Brazil

Scene off of the Salvador coast
Credit: Pexels/Lucas Andrade

Airbnb recognized destinations in Brazil as particularly popular in 2024, with Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Maceió all highlighted. While there was a spike in bookings in Brazil surrounding Carnival earlier this year, Brazil’s popularity goes beyond the festival. Due to Salvador’s tropical coastline and impressive architecture, the city earned its place on Airbnb’s list of travel predictions for the year.

Travelers should consider taking a historical tour to learn more about the city’s rich past and traditions. As a tourist hub in Brazil, there is always something to do in Salvador to experience the city’s culture and cuisine.

Get Planning!

According to Airbnb, travelers searched for destinations that fall into categories such as national parks, amazing pools, beaches, amazing views and iconic cities for 2024. Other cities highlighted in Airbnb’s travel predictions for 2024 include destinations like Warsaw, Düsseldorf, Melbourne and Milan.

Anyone having trouble deciding where to spend their 2024 summer vacation can save the stress by letting Airbnb make the decision for you.

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