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People Freak Out Over Aldi Hot Tub Sale

$300 for a hot tub?!

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Hot tubs are like virtual immunity from the law: many want them, but only the rich can afford them. Installing and maintaining them can cost thousands, which some people need for things like food, rent, and bills. That doesn’t stop the lower and middle classes from dreaming of luxuriating in a hot tub of their own someday … So naturally, people flipped out when supermarket chain Aldi announced a sale of their hot tubs for only three-hundred bucks.

It’s a specific kind of hot tub as well: the Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Hot Tub. If I may be a shill, just to provide context, there’s a reason people are excited about this: it’s portable. Hot tubs typically get installed somewhere, like a backyard or a hotel pool deck, and stay firmly in place. This one can be taken and inflated anywhere. Once it’s inflated and connected with tubes to the provided heating and treatment systems, you just sit inside and relax.

Nice Ad, But Why Are You Reporting on a Hot Tub?

Its existence isn’t exactly news: Aldi has been selling this item for a while now – the real news here is a 25% price slash. Aldi usually charges $400 for them, but in this sale, they were only $300. Again, most hot tubs are ten times the price and can’t even be moved.

However, before you leave this website and trip over yourself on the way to theirs, it may be too late. If the Mirror is to be believed, Aldi’s online stock has been completely sold out since Thursday. Even if you go all the way to England for a trip to the supermarket, you’re out of luck. Aldi announced that on April 9, they’d start selling the hot tubs, at the discounted price. The day has come and gone, and with it, all the hot tubs. Many people across England queued for hours outside Aldi that Sunday morning. While some managed to buy one, most left emptyhanded – or with only normal groceries.

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So I apologize if I got you all hyped for this sale. But hey, $400 for a hot tub still isn’t too shabby. Besides, you can always enjoy some salty tweets about the whole thing, as also recorded by the Mirror.

Wanna read about a different sort of hot tub? Apparently some idiot bathed in a tub full of hot sauce.

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