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Nicolas Cage Catsuit Is What You’ve Always Been Missing In Your Wardrobe

Bet you don’t have this outfit in your closet.

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We’ve seen a lot of absurd things on the internet recently, and we’re not always sure what to believe. One thing we can put our faith in is this Nicolas Cage catsuit.

Yeah, you read that right. Fangirling has many levels of intensity but this might be a record breaker. Though we’re not sure who is responsible for this epic and slightly disturbing creation, you can buy it on the internet for a small cost of $54.99 plus shipping.

Check out these photos to see if you’d consider buying one yourself:

The photos are splayed all over the suit, and topped off with Nicolas Cage’s face where your head should be. It’s unknown whether you’re able to see through it, and therefore, doubtful that there’s any real purpose to wear this outfit anywhere beyond the comfort and secrecy of your own bedroom. Not sure what Nicolas Cage himself thinks of this, and I doubt we’d have the opportunity to find out, but I’d kill to hear his thoughts on this.

If you thought that a Nicolas Cage catsuit is as extreme as it gets, you should check out this Psychic Who Kills Himself Trying to Prove His Immortality!

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