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Make Halloween Scary Again With Poundland’s Trump Merch

You will look amazing in these on Halloween.

You will look amazing in these on Halloween.

Trump was supposed to be visiting the UK this October but decided against it amid fears of mass protests, but unfortunately for the budget chain, they’d already invested in a buttload of Trump merch. They’ve been left with thousands of Trump masks, flags, ties and other ‘Make America Great Again’ products.


At first I was under the impression that Poundland had bought all new Trump merchandise for the upcoming Halloween season, but the fact that these are leftover accessories that were purchased in preparation for the U.S. President’s U.K. visit somehow makes it way better.

American flag headbands, red ties, Trump cut-outs and even fake wall bricks? Amazing.  Take those question marks off the bricks and it almost would seem like the U.K. are massive fans of The Donald.

Rachel might not be on the Trump train.

Poundland’s trading director Barry Williams might not be either:

We are asking for our customers help. The range was created ahead of his UK visit, but given this is not happening now we reckon the only way to sell the products is to encourage shoppers to come up with unusual ways to use it.

The range is also perfect for Halloween. Just wait until you see the Donald Trump masks, they’re probably the scariest things we’ve ever sold.

Everyone get to Poundland now to #MakeHalloweenGreatAgain

I don’t think Kim Jong-un is on the Trump train either. 

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