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The Budget ASDA Pool Is What You Need To Stay Cool And Kick Summer Off Right

Refresh yourself in the shallow waters of swimming on a budget.

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Have you ever been severely pissed at the astronomical cost of purchasing and keeping up a pool? Well, there is no need to suffer in the silent corner of economic disparity any longer, because the inflatable ASDA pool’s original price was a mere 30 euros and was cut down to 20 euros, according to The Sun.

That’s about 33 and a half dollars for my fellow yanks, or about 22 and a half after the price chop, but the likelihood of a U.S. citizen acquiring one is slim to none, as it appears that these things are selling like hotcakes in the U.K. So, unless you have a friend out there to stash one for you, you are S.O.L.

Lounge Pool

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Alas, this hot ticket item has sold out in a multitude of shopping outlets, but fret not bargain shoppers, because there are several other stores stocking up on the 4 seat wonder.

Hopefully everyone who wishes to set one of these bad boys up in their backyard is able to acquire it and, if you are, I recommend cracking some cold ones with three of your most tolerable friends under clear skies and warm sunlight.

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