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If Your Name is Emily, You May Be a Serial Cheater At Board Games

Emilys are being targeted as serial cheaters at board games

Credit: pcdazero/ Pixabay

With all the talk of Karens recently, it seems the stereotyping name-trend is trickling into others. So, if you are an Emily, beware. You have been called out as a serial cheater at board games! Family game night will never be the same! Before you whack out a game of monopoly or snakes and ladders this evening, weigh up whether you can truly trust the Emilys in your life.


But trust doesn’t really come into it, does it? There’s been an actual survey conducted by Boutique, a marketing agency, who have concrete proof of this accusation. The name Emily cropped up frequently when asked who in their family were most likely to steer away from truth.

Credit: Geralt/ Pixabay


In the spirit of truth, Emilys are going mad over on the defence side (a bit like the Karen uprising). One of the members of the dark side was Emily from Manchester, vehemently protesting her innocence: “I’ve played many drunken board games when I had every chance to deceive an opponent who’d had too many drinks,” she claims, “but even then I didn’t take advantage.”

Hmm, do we believe her, though? I guess we will never know. Smart move, Emily from Manchester. Your only alibi a drunken night doesn’t particularly reek of credibility.

Credit: Bridgesward/ Pixabay

She doesn’t stop there, though. Her argument starts to fall apart even further. Just stop talking Emily, just stop. She admits that she “did used to cheat when playing ‘heads down, thumbs up’ in primary school.” And didn’t we all know it?

The Acceptance and Repentance

In response to this admittance, Emilys from all over the country joined in repentance, and the evidence stacked up. Emily from Liverpool claims she was “the biggest cheat out there,” only corroborated by her further statement: “I’m not going to lie, I’ve cheated at Monopoly before and I don’t feel bad for it. cheating is just to easy to do when you have sisters like mine- plus, winning is just such a good feeling.”

I tell you what is a good feeling, Emily from Lancashire, winning with dignity. Where is your pride?

Other Cases

But it’s not just the Emilys you should be aware of, oh no! We have been told to also watch out for the Megans, Hannahs, Georgias, and Claires of the world, who also made it into the top five.

An uncontrollable chase for victory

Monopoly is ranked as number 2, though, on the most boring board games of all time. There it is, high up there, yet these criminals still find it necessary to chase the highs of winning. Shameless.

I guess some people just cannot be stopped, can they? Either way, don’t say we didn’t warn you. It’s never too late to rearrange your Friday game nights with Emily. Never.

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