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Man Locked Out of Bitcoin Account Only Has a Few Guesses to Recover $236 Million

Did you try ‘12345’?

Photo by André François McKenzie on Unsplash

It has become a high-stakes guessing game for many people who lose the sign-in details for their digital wallets.

As the price of Bitcoin surges, online millionaires are being made overnight… With many of them forgetting their passwords to collect their newfound riches.

From Fumbi

One such case of this is with San Francisco programmer Stefan Thomas, a man who has earned roughly in 7,002 Bitcoin (or about $236 in USD) as of this month. But Stefan is in a precarious situation at the moment, he can’t remember his password.

Stefan only has two attempts left to find the right password before he is locked out of his account, forever. Leaving the millions of bucks in crypto sealed away in a digital tomb until some adventuring online treasure hunter can hack into it.

Apparently this is a pretty common problem for crypto miners, who must spend all their mental energy planning what they’ll use their Bitcoin on instead of writing their password on a Post-It Note. But keep in mind these days people can do anything with a computer, such as this investigator who excels at finding extremists online. Check it out!

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