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Guy Buys Car To Visit His Friend Because It Works Out Cheaper Than Train Fare

This guy’s truly dedicated to showing how outrageous train fares are.

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It’s no secret that the train fares in this country are extortinate, and forever rising. Previous cases exemplifying this point include the guy who flew to London via Spain from Newcastle, because that also worked out cheaper than the train.

In today’s tough economy, sometimes you gotta get smart.  Especially young people who all have crippling student loan debt, and have to get by at uni on loans that barely cover the rent. 27 year old Tom Church decided to get creative when he realised a return ticket from London to Bristol was a whopping £218. Yikes. It’s a no from me.

Tom decided to search around for a cheap car, and found his perfect match on Gumtree. The car was being sold for scrap, but Tom had bigger and better ideas for it. With a tiny engine came a relatively small road tax, and overall the purchase cost him £81.38. Tom also admits that there are cheaper options, such as booking off-peak times well in advance of the journey, getting a coach, or using a railcard. His main point however, was to demonstrate how utterly ridiculous the prices for train journeys are. Tom also proudly comments that road tax is actually refundable, so he may even be in profit after his cheap and cheerful journey.

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