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Let’s Talk About How It’s Easier to Storm Capitol Hill Than Area 51

This year’s going to be out of this world.

Credit: Elixir / YouTube

The Capitol Hill riot of Januray 6th 2021 and the Area 51 Raid of September 20th 2019: what do they have in common? Well, one thing they certainly don’t is that one of these events was successful and one wasn’t. The internet wants to know what’s up with that.

Incited in no small part by our least favourite ex-president (and professional sore loser) Donald Trump, the world watched on as a sea of terrorists swept through Capitol Hill in an attempted coup less than a week ago. The story, shocking for a number of reasons, has left a lasting impression partially due to how ridiculously easy getting inside really was.

While it may seem like decades ago by this point, if we cast our minds back to the infamous Area 51 Raid of 2019, it’s not hard to recall the event’s anticlimactic outcome in tandem. Reportedly, over 6,000 people showed up to the meme-come-actual-security-risk event, yet not a single person made it inside- or even tried.

Now, people are reconsidering.

It’s hard not to compare the US government’s response to each event based on results alone.

Also, it’s hard to ignore the somewhat unsettling implications of this.

And let’s not forget ‘Area 51’ trending once more the day following the events of January 6th. 

Is this the start of Area 51 part 2? Only 2021 will tell.

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