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How To Make 2020 Your B*tch

Resolutions? How about solutions. Get your life on track for 2020 with these tips.

Image by Creative Commons / Pxfuel

As you may have heard, we’re about to enter the roaring 20’s. Although the original roaring 20’s were marked by economic prosperity, social change, sexual freedom, jazz, and dancing, it’s hard to say what this round of 20’s will bring. Either way, here are some manageable goals to set for yourself to make 2020 your best year yet. 

Physical Wellbeing

Odds are in 2019 you didn’t eat as well as you wanted to, and you didn’t workout at much as you wanted to. It happens to the best of us. For 2020, instead of setting your sights high, try setting them low and short term. Give yourself some bite-sized goals and then revaluate once you’ve reached them. It will be a lot more motivating than the gradual, impossible grind of trying to have the perfect body. 

Some tips for eating better: 

Stop buying so much meat and dairy. It’s expensive AND it’s a waste of calories AND it’s bad for the environment (plus you’re probably lactose intolerant…sorry). 

Buy less processed foods. If you can’t understand the ingredients on the container… maybe leave it on the shelf. Your arteries will thank you. 

If you’re gonna snack, which I personally respect, portion it out. Sadly, serving sizes matter a lot.

If you’re going to drink remember that beer is a lot of calories and not a lot of alcohol. Vodka on the other hand is very efficient. Drink responsibly, my friends.  

Some tips for working out:

If you dread working out because you don’t know how to use the machines, I feel you. Classes are probably going to be your best option. Not sure about which ones to take? Try ClassPass— they offer free and discounted classes at studios in your area. 

Get a workout buddy. Seriously. It makes working out a lot more fun and it’s built in accountability.

Stretch. Please. Your muscles are tight. 


Mental Wellbeing

Prioritizing your mental health in this economy? Brave, I know. But someone needed to say it. This one is harder to advise on because it really depends on the person, but here are some tips:

If you can afford therapy and you’ve ever thought to yourself… hmm maybe I should try therapy…. Yes, you definitely should. Everyone has trauma, okay. It’s just different levels of trauma and different means of coping. 

If you can’t afford therapy and want it, I am deeply sorry. This isn’t a great substitute, but asking friends if they can be ears for something you’ve experienced or something you’re going through can give some relief. Just remember not to dump your trauma on your friends without checking with them first. 

If you need medicine for your mental health struggles and are having the debate about whether or not you should take it for the new year… please take it. Medicine is nothing to be ashamed of and it saves lives. Brain illness is just as real as body illness. 



Do your eyes ache from blue light and tiny characters? Does your neck ache from hunching over your phone? Do you see young children with iPads and get the uncontrollable urge to cry for the future of this world. Me too, guys. Me too. Some tips:

Check your screen time. Add it up. Feel the shame, the guilt. Make goals to reduce your screen time. 

Close your tabs with open carts. You probably aren’t going to buy those overpriced clothes made in sweatshops anyway, and if you are, you probably shouldn’t. Instead, go to a clothing swap and get a cool new look for literally zero dollars. No clothing swaps nearby? Host a clothing swap! What a great way to hangout with friends, save money, and respect the environment. 

Love social media? Try reading a goddamn book instead. Sorry not sorry. 



I couldn’t really think of a categorical marker for this one but… Some tips:

Take a nap when you can. Napping is good for the body and the soul. 

Go out with your friends. 

Go dancing. It’s the 20’s after all. 

Check in with the people you love.

Attempt a new love if that feels right for you. It could be fun, who knows. 

Get tested for STI’s.

 Use protection. 

Don’t pop pills unless they are your pills. 

And have a great 2020.  

Trying to eat healthier but gently addicted to fast food? Check McDonald’s incoming vegan menu here

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