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Woman Harasses Workers Over 5G Link to the Coronavirus

Are people really this stupid?

Credit: Anon/News Dog Media

There is no doubt that the news surrounding the spread of the coronavirus has everyone on edge.

Citizens around the world are all feeling the toll that the pandemic has taken on the world. A lot of people have questions about how it is that the coronavirus came to have this powerful of an influence and why. 

As a result, people have come up with their own theories as to where the coronavirus came from.

Image: Ghast Lee Screenshots

In fact, A woman in London shared a video of herself harassing a pair of workers. She accuses these workers of being killers because they were said to be laying fiber optic cables. This in turn, plays into her conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is not what is killing people, but 5G is.

The video shows the woman interrogating the workers about why it is that they are laying the fibre optics. She even goes so far as to point out that they are not 2 meters apart which ignores the government’s rules.

While everyone is on edge due to the pandemic, there are no corresponding properties between radiation poisoning from 5G fibers and the coronavirus.

Despite the woman’s efforts to trigger the workers, they both remained calm during her interrogation and continued to do their job.

The twitter account that shared the video has relinquished responsibility for the video and asked not to be blamed for the woman in the video.

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