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WATCH: Julian Dragged Out Of Ecuadorian Embassy

What happens next is anyone’s guess.

The Julian Assange Story/BBC News

Julian Assange is a pretty divisive figure to say the least. For the past seven years now he’s been confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London fearing he may be sentenced to the death penalty in certain countries.

But that all changed on the 11th April when President Moreno of Ecuador revoked his asylum status. Why? There are plenty of claims floating around, including that he barely ever washes and has smeared his own shit on the walls.

It sounds too bizarre to be true, but seven years in an embassy is probably enough to make anyone go a bit crazy.

What is confirmed is that in a statement Ecuadorian officials have said his behaviour was ‘aggressive’ and ‘discourteous.’ They have also stated that they received a guarantee from Britain that he would not be extradited to a country where he could face a death penalty.

What happens to him now seems pretty open ended.

If he’s extradited to the US, then he’s got a serious conspiracy to hack into government computers case waiting for him. On the other hand if he stays in the UK he could only end up with a year in jail for failing to show up in court in 2012. And then there’s the sexual misconduct charges in Sweden that might be re-opened.

I suppose it was inevitable that his asylum would end at some point, but it certainly seems that Assange’s future is up in the air right now.
YouTube/Sky News

For more background on Wikileaks, check out the Decade-Old Documents Of CIA Router Hacking Techniques They Uncovered.

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