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Unified LGBT Forces Create Unit Ready To Fight ISIS

Someone has to take those b**tards down.

Not only is ISIS the most violent of terrorist groups currently in existence, it is also the most oppressive. Though the organization is heinous in its bigotry towards many groups, it is the LGBT community that suffers greatly at the hand of ISIS’ brutality. But those involved in LGBT have decided it’s time to fight back.

Most notably, ISIS was responsible for the attack on the Orlando gay nightclub. Horrible videos also exist of ISIS members stoning and throwing homosexuals off of roofs in Syria. ISIS claims extreme intolerance for anyone within the LGBT community. But recently, a group of international volunteers has declared themselves the first LGBT military unit designed specifically to combat ISIS.

These volunteers, along with Syrian Kurdish military forces, have teamed up in order to take down the hateful and vicious terrorist group. The new military unit is named “The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army”, or TQILA. Read below to see the powerful official statement the newly formed unit recently released.

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The statement is commanding and forceful in its message. It keeps within the principles of both Kurdish fighters and LGBT communities. Men and women are treated equally within the Kurdish military’s ranks; female units also exist. Sounds like this unit is strong and ready to take on the hatred of ISIS and create peace and unity amongst many societies.

Watch here to see how an hilarious member of the LGBT and theater community made a clever play simply to troll ISIS. 

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