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Two Elderly Men Busted Out Of A Nursing Home For A Metal Festival


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Think about all of the concerts and festivals you have gone to, and plan on going to. Now imagine being in your 70’s, or older!

The two elderly men in this story clearly never lost the “spark” for metal music, or festival life. They snuck out of their nursing home Friday morning to attend Wacken Open Air metal festival in Germany. After they were reported missing, they were not found until 3 am the next morning. It is amazing that they were found so quickly among 75,000 attendees. Although, two nursing home escapees must not have been too difficult to spot among the heavy metal crowd.

When they were finally found and picked up they were slightly disoriented but refused to leave the festival until some nursing home staff arrived and convinced them. Police spokeswoman Merle Neufeld told  Norddeutscher Rundfunk: 

They obviously liked the metal festival. The care home quickly organized a return transport after police picked them up.

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What a bunch of party poopers! Too bad they couldn’t let the pair stay and enjoy the festival. Maybe next year the nursing home will organize a trip to the metal festival? We can only hope, for the sake of the metal heads stuck in the convalescent home.

If you enjoyed reading this story, you’ll love this silly escape tactic!

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