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Turkey Suffers Second Deadly Earthquake in Two Weeks

Pretty much exactly two weeks on, Turkey suffers another round of deadly earthquake as tremor’s once again caused destruction. The 6.4 and 5.8 magnitude quakes hit Turkey’s capital Hatay and the Turkey-Syria border on Monday.

Families are left devastated and traumatised and love ones remain missing. Image: Mohammad Bash/Shutterstock

Pretty much precisely two weeks on, Turkey suffered another round of deadly earthquakes as tremor’s once again caused destruction. On Monday, the 6.4 and 5.8 magnitude quakes hit Turkey’s capital Hatay and the Turkey-Syria border.

At least six people have been killed and 200 injured in the latest earthquake on the Turkey-Syria border.

Due to the nature of an earthquake and the endless amount of rubble, tracking casualties is almost impossible.

Rescue missions are again in full force as a new devastating quake hits Turkey.

Hospitals remain overwhelmed and at total capacity as more and more people need medical help.

Buildings are continuing to fall. Many buildings are past the point of saving and are just piles of rubble on the ground.

Buildings are destroyed in the earthquakes. Image Credit: Twintyre/Shutterstock

After such impactful quakes at the beginning of the month, aftershocks are expected. However, the high magnitude of these quakes means the devastation just keeps coming. Scientifically, the aftershocks are expected to decrease daily, but so far, the earthquakes are maintaining a high and destructive magnitude.

The Mental and Physical Pressures on the Country

Turkey and Syria are in a state of devastation and trauma following the repeated quakes hitting the countries. The previous earthquakes have resulted in deep trauma as thousands of people remain still missing.

Over 23 million people were affected by the quakes two weeks ago, which only increases as time passes. Last week the death toll from the 7.8 and 7.6 magnitude quakes at the beginning of the month reached over 41,000.

People in Turkey and Syria remain in a constant state of alert as more quakes keep coming.

Al Jazeera’s reporter Stefanie Dekker says that, “when you’re dealing with Mother Nature, there is nothing you can do,” and this unpredictability is causing so much stress. She said, “I believe this has a major impact on the people here.”

As well as the physical pressures, this level of trauma is immense mentally.

The international organization Medecins Sans Frontieres has been on the frontline since the 6th of February. Teams of medical professionals immediately began treating patients and providing supplies. So far, they estimate they have helped over 7,600 people.

Sebastien Gay, the Head of MSF in Syria, says,

“Health facilities are impacted and overwhelmed. He goes on to say, “the medical staff in northern Syria are working around the clock to respond to the huge numbers of wounded arriving at the facilities.”

The organization also highlights that this humanitarian crisis leaves many without shelter, food, and water. Basic needs aren’t being met.

Over 2,500 families have received blankets, hygiene kits, and food items from MSF. Thirty-eight hospitals have received donations of trauma and surgical equipment. However, this isn’t enough. The pressure on everyone in Turkey and Syria is rising, so it isn’t sustainable.

Mother Nature is unpredictable. Realistically, more aftershocks will hit Turkey and Syria, and these impacts are almost impossible to measure. It is a time when everyone needs to continue to come together and help in any way they can.

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