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Trump’s Boeing 757 is Sitting Idle at Orange County Airport

Trump’s private jet is in total disrepair. It’ll take thousands of dollars to fix it.

Credit:Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

Former President Trump’s private Boeing 757 is sitting vacant at an Orange County, New York airport, according to CNN.

One engine is shrink-wrapped and the other has missing parts. It could reportedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the plane, which was already 20-years-old when he purchased it in 2010.

Flight records obtained by CNN show that he has not used the plane since Biden took office in January. He has a smaller 1997 Cessna 750 Citation X corporate jet, which he’s been using since he left office.

He likes it less, though.

“The small jet isn’t his favorite,” a former White House official told CNN. “It also doesn’t have his name on the outside.”

The cost behind operating the Boeing was too high, according to the source.

“I don’t think people realized that just to get it up in the air and make one stop was literally tens of thousands of dollars,” CNN’s source said.

According to Forbes, chartering a 757 like Trump’s would cost at least $25,000 an hour. A jet-like his Citation X would cost about $30,000 total.

CNN aviation analyst David Soucie differs slightly in his opinion. He says operating a plane that size could cost anywhere from $15,000 to $18,000 hourly.

Trump’s Boeing 757 has a master bedroom, flat-screen TV, 24-karat gold seatbelt buckles, and can fit 43 passengers.

Oh, his name is also plastered across the front. Classic. 

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