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Trump Wants Support From The LGBT Community

Trump’s at it again.

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There’s been a lot of interest as to whether Trump will dance with Caitlyn Jenner circulating in the media recently. This might seem like a nice gesture toward the LGBTs by Trump, if Caitlyn weren’t a hardcore Republican in support of him. It’s one thing to extend your hand to a supporter, one of the converted and someone who, quite frankly, is disrespecting themselves. But to reach out to members of the LGBT community who aren’t walking contradictions is something entirely different.

Picture the scene:

Trump is dancing the night away with Jenner at his inauguration, meanwhile one of his hardcore nut-job supporters is hollering hate speech at the television-set, muttering something about killing the gays. That just doesn’t sit right with me. If Trump was really serious about reaching out to the LGBT people, he would openly condemn many of those who avidly support him and not dance with someone who is vaguely representative of this group. This can only be a clever political manoeuvre, which will make it more difficult for segregated members of the public to speak out against him. My advice would be to watch their interactions with one another closely. I feel you’ll see it for what it is. A grand performance; an act, to attempt to fool the LGBT citizens of America.

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Sorry Trump, I ain’t buying what you’re selling.

For Trumps Unique ‘travel guide’ to the world (trust me, it’s worth a look) click here: 

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